How to dress like Selena Gomez

The entertainment industry is always in need of fresh and talented faces and Selena Gomez is one of them. ┬áSelena is famous mainly for her role in the Disney-Chanel tv series ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, but she performed and guest starred in many other productions, like ‘Hannah Montana’ , ‘The Suite Life of Zack&Cody’ and ‘Sonny with a Chance’ with Demi Lovato. Her┬ámovies included; ‘Princess Protection Program’, ‘Another Cindarella Story’, ‘Ramona and Beezus’, ‘Monte Carlo’ and ‘Spring Breakers’ which reflects a grown-up Selena who tries to get out of the sweetheart character she had.

Next to her acting career, Selena is best known for being a singer. She sang many songs for the tv series, she appeared in. In 2009, she formed a band, named ‘Selena Gomez & The Scene’, which with such successes like ‘Falling Down’, ‘Round and Round’, ‘Love you like a love song’ or ‘Hit the Lights’.

Gomez is the Goodwill Ambassador for Unicef, and being the youngest ambassador ever. Selena had launched her first clothing line, named ‘Dream Out Loud with Selena Gomez’ and features eco-friendly tops, skirts, jeans and other clothing articles.

Selena is known for her girly, chic style and as she once declared, she likes to keep simple, when it comes to fashion. So, there are no surprises, if we take a look at her wardrobe and will find mostly the most comfortable jeans, feminine heels, all kind of shorts and tanks tops. Selena’s style is a real inspiration both for teens and young women, who like to wear comfortable yet sophisticated clothing and to be bold sometimes.

It is good to wear shorts, not only because they can be worn easily and it is slack, but can be combined in very different ways, since there are a lot of different styles, like simple denim shorts, super shorts, glitter shorts for party, woolen or simple black colored shorts for any kind of events, which require a sophisticated image.

Next to shorts, jeans is another piece Selena considers to be the best. You can wear jeans everywhere, it is the most simple, and if you combine with a tank top or blazer.

For eveningwear, Selena usually chooses neutral colored dresses, white, ivory or pastel rose. Why not, if she a young and beautiful girl?

Sometimes it feels so good to dress up differently and to step out from your confort zone. That’s the way Selena was thinking, when she dressed up in this high-waisted skirt and midriff top and that black, assymetrical and lace dress. Can you decode the message? Always keep it simple, but there are times, when you need to go further and try other things.