Dress Like Nicole Richie The Modern Day Hippie

Dressing is a part of your personality whether you love the pulled together preppy look or rock out in all black, expression through clothes is an art. This style is all about the modern day hippie.  Who better to show than Nicole Richie.

Nicole Richie maybe a child Generation Y, clearly she was born in the wrong era, not that it matters, what’s old is new again. Nicole’s style can transform any Generation Y child back into a time where flower children sat around the park playing the conga’s.


We Generation Y flower children maynot have drum circles in the park, but we do have coachella where we can run free in our cut off shorts, bellbottoms, rock band t-shirts, and fly high on music.

To achieve Nicole’s effortless chic look no farther than her own brand, Winter Kate and House of Harlow, launched in 2009, patchouli oil almost oozes off the pages.  This gorgeous chiffon mini dress can be found at Winter Kate, it’s on sale now.

For those who need a more relaxed hippie look. This is an easy one to borrow adding in your own style.


Get your 70s on with this flare bottom jeans from Stylebop. Add a printed, flower, or plain white tee, headscarf, forehead band, and enormous sunnies and wa-la instant hippie.

Happy Dressing!



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