New Year loose weight

It’s a new year which means its time for resolutions. Right near the top of everyone’s list will be get fit. Will this year be the year you finally get that bikini body?

Why not start the year of right with some helpful new buys.

Where would celebrities be without their personal assistant, they would not be the then beauties they are, they would probably have a few extra pounds like most of us.

This Talkative, Winking Robot Helps Dieters Lose Weight

Meet Autom, the new weight loss robot. This little robot was designed by  Intuitive Automata to be people’s own personal weight loss coach. For an initial fee of $199 and a subscription fee of $19.99 anyone can benefit from the services of Autom. Autom tracks calories, keeps up with the latest weight loss trends and gives personalized suggestions. Compared to a human weight loss coach Autom is a bargain.

The theory is that people will develop a personal connection with Autom and that will make them more likely to stick to a weight loss program. Autom helps having daily conversations and providing motivation.

Wake Up, Work Out Alarm Clock. You have to do 30 reps to get it to stop -- that'll motivate me!

If Autom isn’t enough to et you up and exercising you can also purchase this work out alarm clock. Thirty reps each morning will stop this clock from buzzing and you will start the day off right.









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