Interview with Daisie Mansell

Meet Daisie a completely fabulous fashionista/blogger  from England.  Daisie is I Dress Like a Star’s featured talent for these winter months.  To get to know her  more check out her interview below. You can also visit her blog
1. When did you begin blogging?
I used to post on Blogger years ago, but it was a more personal blog full of photos of me and my friends and our outings etc. I decided I wanted to turn it into a fashion blog, so I just got rid of the content I had and started over. I’ve been blogging on Tumblr for over three years now, but only in the last year I’ve picked up Blogger again. And I’m so glad I did!
2. When you got to 100 followers did you have a give away? If so can you remember what you gave away? (Congrats by the way)
Thanks! No I didn’t do a give away, I think it’s great when blogs do that but personally I’d rather wait a while. Who knows.Maybe at 300!
3. What was your first fashion memory?
Like most other girls my age I was a huge spice girls fan. I had a pair of purple chunky platform trainers and I teamed them with red velvet trousers and a cropped top. Terrible, I know. But I didn’t care. I thought I was the sixth Spice Girl.
4. Do you have a beauty regime if so what is it?
I’m really obsessive over my skincare routine and I make sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night. It’s so important to look after your skin and I freak out if I fall asleep with my make-up on. I use body scrubs and moisturise my entire body with lotion after every shower. I highly recommend The Body Shop body butters. I love beauty treats.
5. I Dress Like a Star loves to steal celebrity fashion looks and make them our own. Whose fashion look would you steal without feeling you’d look silly in future photos of yourself?
I have a huge style crush on Rachel Bilson. She tends to keep it simple in jeans a lot of the time but there’s something about her style I love. It’s so laid back and I think it’d be pretty easy to emulate her look.
6. When you get dressed in the morning do you grab whatever or do you have a plan of action?
I never plan what I’m wearing beforehand unless it’s the party of the year or something! I usually go through phases of wearing the same few items until I get bored of them and move onto something else. And I have a lot of old faithfuls that I always dig out if I don’t have the time to go through my entire wardrobe. Also, I can only decide what to wear when my hair and make-up is done, otherwise it just doesn’t look right!
7. In your blog you have what you call snippets of shiny thoughts do those thoughts come to you at random? Or are they things that often bother you?
My creative writing course taught me to take more notice of things going on around me, for there is inspiration everywhere. I always carry a notepad, but I even use the little notes bit on my phone. I tend to notice things that others might not. I like people-watching and catching bits of conversations. When something has made me laugh or made me angry, I tweet it. So the snippets of shiny thoughts are just my way of piling all of my weekly thoughts, tweets and rants together into my blog. I hope people can relate to it!
8. You have a love for vintage pieces what are you favourite stores?
There aren’t many vintage stores where I live. In Birmingham there’s COW Vintage which is great and they have everything you could imagine in there, but otherwise I just stick to charity shops and I buy most of my vintage clothes from Ebay.
9.  I saw on webstagram that you were already putting Christmas boxes together. Do you have any suggestions for people who would like to put their own boxes of goodiees together for their loved ones? * Editors Note: (At time of the interview it was early November)
I start my Christmas shopping early every year so I’m not rushing around at the last minute, and I’m really organised! Whenever somebody points out something they like, I make a note of it right away. This year I want to buy lots of small, thoughtful gifts and make them into big, pretty hampers for everyone. Girls are GREAT for this, because you can fill boxes with make up and beauty products. My mom’s box is full of candles and skin treats. You could do food hampers for parents. Wrap each present individually and fill the boxes with lots of tissue paper so they have to dig for the pressies. I’ll be doing posts on my blog about Christmas ideas soon!
10. Here’s a tough question for you, you and I share a love for the Olsens if you could only get to spend time with one of
them for an hour which one would it be? And why?
Mary-Kate! She is my favourite, she’s slightly more experimental with what she wears and mixes more fabrics, textures and colours. Her style is a lot more interesting and edgy. But I do love them both. Ashley is great at the classics. Maybe I’m obsessed. I have a folder dedicated to them on my computer. (stalker alert.)
11. If you had to give up one of your social media’s or die. Yes die, there was some mystical disease that required you to
give up a social networking site. Which one would it be; Twitter, Facebook (I don’t believe you use Facebook do you?) or
Haha, I do use Facebook, but I’d have to give it up if I were to choose! I’m much more of a Twitter fan so I don’t feel like I’d be missing anything. I only ever use Facebook nowadays to be nosey as to what other people are up to. I never update anything on there!
The next round of questions I’m going to call the Thunder Round because it sounds brilliant at least in my own head.
12. What was the last concert you went to?
The last band I saw was The View last month in a local venue, who are a small Scottish indie rock band. The last big concert I went to was to see my favourite band, Arctic Monkeys, in my hometown. I cannot tell you how excited I was.
13. Have you ever been out of the country? If so what did you notice about the way the women were dressed?
Paris is something else in terms of fashion. It’s less edgy and urban than London, but more sophisticated and put-together. It’s a city that’s so confident about style, and you can see that in the people walking the streets. Street style in big cities is fascinating.
14. Lipstick or gloss?
Lipstick. Although I mix it with lip balm so it’s less harsh. I NEVER use lip gloss! I hate the sticky feeling on my lips!
15. Trousers, jeans, skirts, or dresses?
Dresses. I only started wearing jeans and trousers about a year ago! Before then I only wore skirts and dresses. I think they suit my shape better and they make me feel more feminine.
16. Texting or actually talking on the phone?
Texting. I’d much prefer sorting things out over texts or tweets. I don’t like talking on the phone! There’s always an awkward moment!
17. Summer or Winter?
I’ve always preferred winter. I adore the Christmassy feeling. I always want it to be snowing, and I love wrapping up in lots of layers. But I always look forward to summer too, although we don’t get much of one in England!
18. Taking photos of having a photo taken?
I don’t trust other people to take a photo of me! I always look terrible! My sister used to take my blog photos for me before I bought a tripod, and there were only ever a handful which I liked. She’s not as bad as my boyfriend though, he is the WORST at taking photos!
19. Pinterest or instagram?
Instagram. I’m obsessed.
20.  Vintage or brand spanking new?
I’d have to go with vintage. It’s great to find gems that nobody else will have. You don’t get that with the high street. You can go out clubbing and you’ll see three girls in the same dress. The fit of a 1950s dress suits me better than anything they have in stores right now, and I love old-fashioned accessories like box bags and faux fur.

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