How to dress like Shakira

Shakira fashion style can described as being a combination between a rocker and bohemian chic, and which is extremely feminine. Since she is half Lebanese, this shows up in her wardrobe too, by wearing scarves, bright colors and prints.

A basic item of Shakira’s closet is pants, this item can be denim, leather pants or any tight trousers. Combine the pants with all kind of simple blouses, shirts, and for footwear bring it on black ankle boots or high-heel sandals, to add a sophisticated and more feminine flair to your outfit. Or, you can wear any kind of leather outerwear, like jackets, to adopt a feature from Shakira’s style. It can simply observed that the colors which Shakira likes the most are the dark ones but she also likes to combine with other fun colors.

Shakira’s other style feature is to wear gold or anything shiny. She described herself as being bold and sexy on stage, concerts, actually in her career, but in her normal life she likes to keep everything simple and casual. This is an interesting duality, and may be the reason of the gold and shimmer. Maxi and mini dresses in gold and silver, are fine for any official and specific events, as you can see on the above pictures but you can combine shiny tops, blouses with black, by doing so your look will be both rockerish and chic.

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